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Besides housings for DSLR cameras and strobe housings, I produce pre-dive vacuum leak detector, strobe arms and brackets and some other underwater photo accessories. I am always developing new products, so check the site regularly...

I have gathered some common questions and answers about the things I think are likely to interest the most of visitors. Please check this section before sending an e-mail with questions.

Welcome to the Vivid housings website. It's about the housing that I've made for my Canon EOS 50D and the little project it had evolved into - making affordable underwater housings, underwater photo accessories, and vacuum leak detector systems.


Although most of the images and descriptions refer to EOS 50D underwater housing, I can make the scuba housing for virtually any DSLR that I can get, so if you are interested, please mail me or fill in the form on the contact page and I'll check and let you know. The prices should also stay in the same range for comparable cameras. Besides the underwater housings, there are other products you might find interesting, like underwater strobe housings, arms , vacuum leak detector, etc.


I've provided some more information about my point of

view and the reasons for doing this. If you are interested,

please read on...

Underwater housings for DSLR cameras

Underwater housing image

Technical details

Enquiries and customization



underwater housings technical image

If you want to learn more about the way the products are assembled, materials, testing, dimensions and other technical stuff, you can find it on "tech stuff" page...

Although some products are readily available, for the most part it's a good idea to check via enquiry form or e-mail what can be done. I'll do my best to answer your demands.

Vacuum leak detector image
Underwater strobe housing image